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It is common knowledge that a healthy life style is the only effective long term solution for slimming, anti wrinkle, hair regrowth, feeling fresh, reverse & prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, anxiety attach, toothache and many chronic illnesses all at once.

3 Powerful Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle Trends that Can Fight Cardiovascular Diseases

3 Powerful Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle Trends that Can Fight Cardiovascular Diseases

and how to go about getting it right

Cardiovascular disease in Singapore results in 15 fatalities everyday (death due to heart disease and stroke).  29.9% of all casualties, or nearly 1 in 3 deaths resulted from heart disease or stroke in 2014.  This is a total of 5,785 people who died of the disease in 2014. 

23.5% of the population aged 18 - 69 suffers from Hypertension or High Blood Pressure in Singapore.  More than 1 in 2 persons has hypertension in the age group 60 - 69 years. Complications in high blood pressure may lead to coronary heart disease, heart failure, stroke, peripheral artery disease (narrowing of the blood vessels of the limbs), kidney failure and more.

The Singapore Health Promotion Board stresses on leading a healthy lifestyle to prevent high blood pressure and its related diseases:

  1. A healthy diet with low fats, low cholesterol and high fibre,
  2. Exercising for 150 minutes a week,
  3. Limiting alcohol intake and
  4. No smoking.


Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle Re-Education

One of the most important things you will learn in the Meroll Course is about food, nutrition, and what is actually good or toxic to eat.  We feel that re-education is key to eating right and the many different messages in the media can be very confusing to figure out.  We also conduct many food preparation classes - ranging from simple to complex - to help students to truly enjoy the culinary delights of eating delicious and healthy food.


Exercising in Singapore can be Fun and Interesting

Meroll's education center in Singapore offers a wide variety of fun fitness activities like jogging, cycling, aerobics, yoga, pilates, healca, salcaa and dancing sessions.  You can choose dance classes like Salsa, Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Reggaeton, Kizomba, Bachata, Rueda, Latin, Ballroom and more; it's hard to get bored!


Remove Old Habits and Create Better New Habits!

Old bad habits are hard to break and in the Meroll program, we offer different solutioins to help students through this process.  A healthy food and healthy lifestyle habit is actually fun and addictive and our consultants, counsellors, teachers, coaches and support groups can show you how.


Meroll offers the following study programs:

Certificate in Meroll Study - 6 months
IDP in Meroll - 1year
IHDC in Meroll - 2 year
IMDC in Meroll - 4 years
IPHDC in Meroll - 7 years
Kids Meroll Program - one hour per week

Reverse diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and slimming within 30 days  or 12 months - US$3,800
Temporary natural pain management for toothache, arthritis, back pain, 15 minutes consultation $80

Preventing and reducing the risk of high blood pressure in Singapore can be fun and addictive with Meroll.  Meroll is the study of effective healthy eating habits, exercise and healthy life style.  Call us today at +65-62720555


Singapore Disease-Fighters: 5 Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Prevent High Cholestero

High Cholesterol Truth #1: Real Healthy Foods or Toxic Foods

We make a lot of assumptions about what we think are healthy food or toxic food in Singapore.  Many people base their knowledge on hearsay and the media, relying on these to select foods they think are healthy to eat.  However, just like how cigarettes and opium used to be marketed as healthy, trendy and 'good for you', there are also some common-day misconceptions regarding 'healthy foods' that are just coming to light. 

The Meroll course takes a closer in-depth look at these presumably 'healthy foods' to shed light on what's real healthy food and what's being advertised as healthy food.

High Cholesterol Truth #2: Medicines only Suppresses Symptoms; They Don't Cure It.

Band-aids do a great job to cover and protect wounds, but they don't really help it heal faster.  Western medicines work like a band-aid.  They are a quick-fix to suppress the symptoms but it doesn't do much to heal the diseases like high cholesterol, and in the long run can cause harmful side effects too. 

The Meroll course delves into what actually causes diseases like high cholesterol, how to prevent and if possible, fix it.  Meroll tries to get to the root of the disease, rather than just stick a band-aid over it.

High Cholesterol Truth #3: I know How to Eat Healthy and I Can Do It On My Own?

It takes a lot of determination and self-discipline to be able to maintain a Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle on your own and many people find the 'sinful' foods in Singapore's hawker centers and restaurants too tempting to resist.  Some people also try to eat healthy on their own but don't see the results.  Meroll works because we do it as a group and a community, where everyone has the same objective and can encourage and motivate each other to maintain a Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle habit.

High Cholesterol Truth #4: The Healthy Foods Are Tasteless and Unpalatable?

Assumption: healthy foods are tasteless and hard to eat and only unhealthy foods are delicious.  Truth: many real healthy foods are delicious and very tasty, but we tend to forget about them because of the multitude of unhealthy foods in the market!  We are dedicated to re-discovering recipes, exchanging ideas and finding those oh-so-delicious healthy foods to eat in the Meroll course, and we welcome you to join us in our quest for delicious and healthy foods that we will enjoy!

High Cholesterol Truth #5: I Try So Hard To Eat Healthy and Exercise But It's too Hard and I Have No Time

Doctors always tell us to change our eating habits and exercise at the onset of high cholesterol, but many people take the easy/lazy way out by popping pills, thinking it will cure the disease, but it does not.  In some case, there are also side effects to deal with.  Many people try to change their diet and exercise regime but give up after a while and resign themselves to 'fate', citing reasons like 'difficult to change' and 'no time'.  Switching to a Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle can be easy and fun, and we work our programs to help create a fun and enjoyable environment to help make the transition easy.


Diabetes Singapore: The 1 Healthy Lifestyle Tip that Doctors Recommend

Statistics of Diabetes in Singapore: 

Be Healthy and Prevent Diabetes in Singapore

Some of us are aware of these statistics and projections made by doctors in Singapore.  The most obvious solution to prevent / control diabetes is maintaining a Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle habit, something most people overlook or simply give up on, saying that it is hard to do.  Doctors recommend 30 minutes of daily moderate exercise and a 5 - 10% weight loss to reduce the chances of diabetes.  For those in the pre-diabetic stage, the risk can be reduced by 58%.

Many people want to loose weight but can't seem to get there.  The Meroll Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle (HFHL) Course can help you get slim, fit and healthy and at the same time, prevent diabetes and a lot of other chronic illnesses that often plague Singaporeans in the later years of their life.  Here's how:


Get a Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle Long Term Plan to Prevent Diabetes with Meroll

Meroll focuses on a long term Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle plan to meet your goal.  We plan for the next 5 to 10 years, rather than the next week.  In order to get slim, fit and healthy in the long term, new habits must be formed.  A temporary diet will not get you there, nor will it help you to cure or prevent diabetes or any illnesses; short term exercise plans may not give you long lasting results either. 

Meroll will work with you for a new eating plan to help you meet your goals.  You will start with tiny steps, like learning to prepare easy, delicious and healthy foods, or wake up early in the morning to have a big breakfast to jump-start your metabolism for the day.  Join us 2 - 3 times a week to exercise; keep things interesting with Meroll's wide array or dance and fitness exercises.


Meet Other Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle Enthusiasts with Meroll

Know that you are not alone in this venture.  Meroll participants get together at least once a week to learn about food, health and to exercise.  Join us now!


Study about Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle Habits with Meroll

Most importantly, learn and understand why a Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle is so important for all of us.  By learning how and why certain foods are toxic for your body, you will develop an understanding why we eat certain foods and avoid others.  This is instrumental to your keeping healthy and preventing disease like diabetes and it will give you reason to avoid certain foods.

It may take a couple of years to truly adopt a Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle habit, but you will notice great results within the first few months.


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