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It is common knowledge that a healthy life style is the only effective long term solution for slimming, anti wrinkle, hair regrowth, feeling fresh, reverse & prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, anxiety attach, toothache and many chronic illnesses all at once.

High Cholesterol Singapore

Singapore Disease-Fighters: 5 Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Prevent High Cholesterol

Chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and obesity are in the rise in Singapore.  Well-known as a food paradise, Singapore offers a never ending supply of fast foods, hawker delights and fine dining.  Eating is a passionate hobby for many in Singapore and bad choices for food has resulted in a rise of chronic diseases in Singapore. 

The Singapore Burden of Disease Study in 2010, shows approximately one in four adult Singaporeans (23.5%) had hypertension, one in six (17.4%) had high total cholesterol and one in 10 (11.3%) had diabetes.  Experts chalk the problem to too little exercise, too much food.  The National Health Survey 2010 found that 54% of Singaporean residents aged 18 to 69 did not participate in any leisure-time physical activity. 

High Cholesterol can be improved by adopting a healthy lifestyle, but it is not easy to do it alone.  Here are some tips to help prevent high cholesterol and control it if you already have it.

High Cholesterol Truth #1: Real Healthy Foods or Toxic Foods

We make a lot of assumptions about what we think are healthy food or toxic food in Singapore.  Many people base their knowledge on hearsay and the media, relying on these to select foods they think are healthy to eat.  However, just like how cigarettes and opium used to be marketed as healthy, trendy and 'good for you', there are also some common-day misconceptions regarding 'healthy foods' that are just coming to light.

The Meroll course takes a closer in-depth look at these presumably 'healthy foods' to shed light on what's real healthy food and what's being advertised as healthy food.

High Cholesterol Truth #2: Medicines only Suppresses Symptoms; They Don't Cure It.

Band-aids do a great job to cover and protect wounds, but they don't really help it heal faster.  Western medicines work like a band-aid.  They are a quick-fix to suppress the symptoms but it doesn't do much to heal the diseases like high cholesterol, and in the long run can cause harmful side effects too.

The Meroll course delves into what actually causes diseases like high cholesterol, how to prevent and if possible, fix it.  Meroll tries to get to the root of the disease, rather than just stick a band-aid over it.

High Cholesterol Truth #3: I know How to Eat Healthy and I Can Do It On My Own?

It takes a lot of determination and self-discipline to be able to maintain a Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle on your own and many people find the 'sinful' foods in Singapore's hawker centers and restaurants too tempting to resist.  Some people also try to eat healthy on their own but don't see the results.  Meroll works because we do it as a group and a community, where everyone has the same objective and can encourage and motivate each other to maintain a Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle habit.

High Cholesterol Truth #4: The Healthy Foods Are Tasteless and Unpalatable?

Assumption: healthy foods are tasteless and hard to eat and only unhealthy foods are delicious.  Truth: many real healthy foods are delicious and very tasty, but we tend to forget about them because of the multitude of unhealthy foods in the market!  We are dedicated to re-discovering recipes, exchanging ideas and finding those oh-so-delicious healthy foods to eat in the Meroll course, and we welcome you to join us in our quest for delicious and healthy foods that we will enjoy!

High Cholesterol Truth #5: I Try So Hard To Eat Healthy and Exercise But It's too Hard and I Have No Time

Doctors always tell us to change our eating habits and exercise at the onset of high cholesterol, but many people take the easy/lazy way out by popping pills, thinking it will cure the disease, but it does not.  In some case, there are also side effects to deal with.  Many people try to change their diet and exercise regime but give up after a while and resign themselves to 'fate', citing reasons like 'difficult to change' and 'no time'.  Switching to a Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle can be easy and fun, and we work our programs to help create a fun and enjoyable environment to help make the transition easy.

Meroll Study Programs:

Certificate in Meroll Study - 6 months
IDP in Meroll - 1year
IHDC in Meroll - 2 year
IMDC in Meroll - 4 years
IPHDC in Meroll - 7 years
Kids Meroll Program - one hour per week

Reverse diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and slimming within 30 days  or 12 months - US$3,800
Temporary natural pain management for toothache, arthritis, back pain, 15 minutes consultation $80

Join us in Singapore and study about food, nutrition and the body.  As Kevin Trudeau puts it, "Most people have no idea how good theiry body is designed to feel."  Call us today at +65-62720555 .  Block 163 Bukit Merah Central #04-3575 Singapore 150163 (Opposite The Polyclinic, enter via Block 162 Lift)


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