Study the pros and cons and side effects of medications and surgeries

Medication and surgery can be very effective and useful in some cases but it still needs to be combined with healthy food and healthy lifestyle. When surgeries and medications are recommended, it is always wise to seek a second and a third opinion. You need to understand clearly why this procedure is absolutely necessary, instead of blindly jumping into it.

All surgeries have risk of death, stroke and complications. Many surgeries have irreversible and permanent damage that will affect you for the rest of your life. While seeking a second and third opinion and waiting for surgery, work with a Meroll HFAHL specialist. There is a very high chance that your body will heal itself just by eating healthy food and a healthy lifestyle thus making the risk of surgery unnecessary. 

Benefits and "miracles' of healthy food and healthy lifestyle

People who eat correctly and lead a healthy lifestyle will also have a slim body, a slim face, look younger, less wrinkles, a beautiful complexion, beautiful hair and plenty of energy. They will think better, remember better, see better and will get up in the morning feeling fresh everyday.

When you start eating real healthy food and lead a correct healthy lifestyle, your toothaches for the last 5 years may suddenly disappear, bleeding gums for 25 years may recover, 30 years of severe hip pain that required hip replacement may heal without surgery, diabetic symptoms disappear, blood pressure and cholesterol goes back to normal, colorectal cancer heals by itself, heel spurs vanish, tinnitus disappears and anxiety attacks are gone. 

You may slim down, look younger, your hair stops dropping and starts growing again, you start to wake up in the morning fresh and are now able to fall asleep easily at night and you suddenly have the energy of a twenty year old. It is normal for all the DT chronic illnesses to reverse simultaneously when you apply the correct HFAHL. No surgery and pill can achieve this.

Everyone should invest their time to study healthy eating habits and lifestyle as early as possible in life. It will help to improve your life tremendously. If you have kids who have eczema, asthma, type 1 diabetes or epilepsy, eating healthy can show you a noticeable difference within a few weeks.

Start learning the Meroll Healthy Lifestyle today for as little as $98 a month, it will change your life and may save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills and lost opportunities.

Learn about healthy food and change your lifestyle at Meroll

At Meroll, we help you with re-education; we show you exactly what to eat and what to avoid. We teach many food preparation classes - both simple and complex - so you can truly enjoy eating healthy with wide selections and variety of foods.

The hard part of this lifestyle is to break old bad habits. In the Meroll program, we offer different solutions that help our students tackle these psychological problems and conquer these hard-to-break old habits. There are many options: education, one to one consulting, counselling, coaching, mind CV training, distraction training, support groups, reminder services, subliminal messaging and many more.

For those who want immediate results, there is also a 30 days intensive rehabilitation and education holiday program in Cebu, Philippines and Hui Zhou, China.

Partnering Actfa School in Singapore, we help you get involved with many forms of fun activities like jogging, cycling, aerobic, yoga, pilates and we have dancing sessions everyday. We have classes from salsa, hip hop, ballet, jazz, kizomba, bachata, rueda, latin, ballroom and many more options for you to choose.

A healthy life style is actually very enjoyable and addictive. Let our consultants, counsellors, teachers, coaches and support groups show you how.

Eating healthy = tasteless food and a hungry stomach?  No!

Many people misunderstand, thinking that living a healthy life style means eating tasteless food, going hungry and putting in a lot of hard work into exercising. 

Meroll shows you how to enjoy eating at a higher level. You get to eat from a large variety of food choices and try many delicious foods that you have never eaten before.

You will also learn to improve your taste buds to increase the enjoyment when you eat. You do not need to starve yourself to slim down and you will learn how to increase your metabolic rate giving you plenty of natural energy to want to develop enjoyable and addictive exercising hobbies.

Many people are health conscious but still fall sick and are overweight

Nowadays, most people in developed cities place health as one of their priorities in life. They spend a lot of their time researching, reading, discussing and learning about health. Many drink lots of water, eat very little carbohydrates, eat lots of salads and exercise a lot and yet they are still over weight and sick.  


In the mass media there are millions of articles and videos that are commissioned by for-profit establishments using the best talents in the world for one objective: to convince those who read a lot and are constantly exposed to mass media education and the internet, and give the impression that eating their processed or unhealthy food is ok and even healthy.

Learning what is the truth on your own is not as easy as most people think it is, every month millions of people loss their lives from guessing the wrong solutions on reversing their DT chronic illnesses. 

Finding out the difference between toxic processed mash potatoes and ice cream that causes chronic illnesses and natural delicious mash potatoes and healthy ice cream that heals your body is just one of the few thousand lessons you need to learn and understand.

Studying a simple subject like this without guidance is already very hard for most people, and there are a few thousand similar lessons to learn. Meroll helps by simplifying the learning process to less than 1% of what some people may have to face.

Meroll has different levels to make learning Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle easy and fun!

The simplified Meroll version of HFAHL is just the beginning. The next stage is to change a few hundred toxic habits and develop new healthy addictive habits. 

In many cases here you will need one to one consulting, counselling, coaching, mind CV training, distraction training, support groups, reminder services, subliminal messaging and many more. One of the best solutions is to start with a 30 days rehabilitation away from home.

There are still many more that Meroll has to offer, Meroll has written many songs, developed many new dance forms, games, events, systems, products, all to make HFAHL addictive. 

Come visit us and find out more.

Meroll offers the following study program:

Certificate in Meroll Study - 6 months
IDP in Meroll - 1year
IHDC in Meroll - 2 year
IMDC in Meroll - 4 years
IPHDC in Meroll - 7 years
30 days rehabilitation and education holiday
3 days training retreat
Kids Meroll Program - one hour per week
Adult Meroll Program - one hour per week US$80/month
Reverse diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and slimming within 12 months - US$3,800
Reverse diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and slimming within 30 days with 12 months education membership  - US$7,800
Meroll HFAHL & Dance Festival US$350

Personal Training US$70 per 45minutes
Temporary natural pain management for toothache, arthritis, back pain, 15 minutes consultation US$80