Programs for Cancer, Diabetes & Chronic Illnesses


The first thing a cancer patient should do is to learn the correct way to reduce consumption of toxic food and exposure to toxic substances.

Engage our specialist to help you as many of the information on the internet are advertorial, advertising and funded articles. Learning the incorrect information have cause many people to lose their life.

The correct healthy food and lifestyle is the most effective long term treatment for cancer and majority of the deficiency toxicity chronic illnesses. It is also the hardest to achieve but if you are successful with this treatment for cancer, the reward is immense.

There are no pills, surgery, chemotherapy or magic treatment for cancer to save someone who is determined to eat very toxic food every day and lead an unhealthy lifestyle in the long term.

Most people will try to adopt a healthy food and lifestyle as one of the many cancer treatment options when faced with death or severe long term suffering but most will get it incorrectly and some will loose their life unnecessarily. 

Come and learn how complex these programs for treating diabetes, cancer and other chronic illnesses can be and how Meroll can help make it easy for you.

At Meroll we do not just offer one or two solutions but over 300 programs and a thousand replacement solutions. 

Instead of just teaching you how to do it, we also have one to one coaching, trainer, counsellor, group support and intensive mind reprogramming to help you develop all the various new healthy habits. We have programs for treating diabetes, cancer and other chronic illnesses almost everyday at our centre.

Come and listen to many testimonies of people with various kinds and stages of cancer, recovered and go on to lead healthy lives.

Start your program early, some will see result within a few days.

Diabetes & Chronic Illnesses

There are many programs for treating diabetes.  But why treat the symptoms when you can solve the root of the problem faster?

There is only one effective long term solution for most of the 300 DT (Deficiency Toxicity) chronic illnesses: The Correct Healthy food and healthy lifestyle (CHL). 

Pills and surgeries can usually be temporary solutions but sometimes it may even be a dangerous and detrimental distraction from better long term programs for treating diabetes. They can be useful in some cases but it is good to study the details. At Meroll we conduct education classes on these subjects, studying the treatment for cancer, diabetes and other chronic illnesses.

When you are diagnosed with early stage diabetes, your doctor may suggest that you learn to eat healthy and exercise, recommending you to start a healthy food and lifestyle program for treating diabetes. The amounts of research and testimonies are countless, showing that healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyle is the most or in many cases the only effective long term program for treating diabetes and other common DT (Deficiency Toxicity) chronic illnesses today. 

This is because DT chronic illnesses can be caused by deficiency and toxicity in the foods we eat. The only way to reverse this is obviously by learning and practicing to eat the correct way.

Fast, Long Term & Highly Effective

Most people should try healthy food and healthy lifestyle for the following health conditions before spending thousands and even millions of dollars on medications and/or surgeries: diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, back pain, toothache, eczema, dementia, alzheimer's, thyroid disorder, asthma, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, infertility, stroke, anxiety attacks, chronic cough, migraine, prostate disorder, stomach ulcers, joint pain, kidney stone, gallstone, etc.  Some cases of toothache and joint pain may be reversed within a few hours. Type 2 diabetes and clot arteries can be reversed within 30 days.

Open wounds that cannot heal, can heal within a weeks.  

A person with stage 4 cancer may have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, diabetes, chronic tooth decay, multiple joint pain, fatty liver, tinnitus, floaters in the eyes, stiff joint, headache, weakness, chronic fatigue, chronic cough and more. When the cancer is reversed by CHL, all other chronic illnesses are likely to reverse simultaneously too.  

Come listen to testimonies of how people become amazingly strong after being successful with the correct healthy food and life style. 

How a person recovered from cancer and ran around Australia, over 15,000km on foot. How a person who always failed his 2.4km run become so strong that he planned to train for one of the toughest race in the world: the ironman, 3.8km swim in the open sea, 180km bike ride and a 42km run.  How many people look 10 to 30 years younger.

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